Quality Policy

"The quality of products and services and the customers’ satisfaction make our success"

To ensure the quality of every product and service we provide is our top objective. The quality is associated to our company’s prestige and development.

In order to provide high quality products and services which are really useful to our customers, we commit:
- To provide our customers with the medical devices of high quality only, ensuring always to the customers’ satisfaction and for the customers’ benefits.
+ Products are 100% brand new and manufactured latest as per the customers’ requirements;
+ Products have clear, easy-to-trace origins and labels and are imported directly from the manufacturers, with Certificates of Origins C/O), Certificates of Quality,  Import Licenses, Inspection Certificates (if required) as well as relevant import documentation;
+ All products meet international standards: ISO and CE/FDA;
+ All products are supplied in association with relevant services such as transportation, installation, hands-on training, warranty and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers’ standards and the customers’ requirements
- To be an honest and prestigious supplier.
- To ensure a dynamic, creative and fair working environment through continuous improvement of professional knowledge and qualifications for all the company members in order to meet the market’s unceasing and rapid development and technology update requirements and through respect, encouragement and enhancement of all the members’ abilities in order to maximize the company’s strength.

Products are imported genuine monopoly