About us

1. About us
Truong Thuy Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited (Truong Thuy Co., Ltd.) is a prestigious supplier of high-quality and advanced medical devices and relevant services in Vientam.  Our customers are hospitals, universities, institutes, clinics, labs, trading companies and general contractors throughout Vietnam.

Truong Thuy Co., Ltd.is importing and distributing products of many prestigious manufacturers world-wide such as Sophysa (France), Pulsion/Maquet (Germany), Ardo (Sweden), Ultrasound Technologies (UK), Leisegang (Germany), Bovie (USA), Bien Air (Sweden), Sopro Comeg (France-Germany), Allgaier (Germany), Carl Zeiss (Germany), etc.

Truong Thuy Co., Ltd. was founded and has been managed by a specialist team with unparalleled commitment, extensive experience and intensive professional expertise in the healthcare and medical device sector. We are also very proud of our dynamic, creative and whole-hearted staff who have contributed much in our company’s professional and sustainable development.

Truong Thuy Co., Ltd. commits to bring about the best values to our customers and partners with our high-quality products and professional service
 2, Business scope
- To import and distribute medical devices of the following disciplines:
  + Intensive care
  + Cardiovascular medicine
  + Obstetrics- Pediatrics
  + Operating room
  + Surgical instruments
  + Others

- To provide relevant services:
  + Hands-on training/ equipment use guidance  
  + Repair and maintenance

  + Import consultancy and entrusted import services

 3. Organization chart


Products are imported genuine monopoly